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Selecting a Lot

If you're moving into a new home community where houses are still not constructed, you'll want to carefully select which lot or homesite you want based on the following important factors:

•Privacy: Choosing a lot at the end of the street in contrast to one located in the middle of the block will generally provide you with more privacy, since your house will get less noise from neighbors there are fewer homes next to you.

•Traffic: Homes located near the front of a community usually experience moe automobile traffic. Homes located nearest to the back get the least traffic.

•Sun exposure: Knowing where the sun rises and sets in your home could be very helpful. Make a few visits to the community at various times of the day to see which lot receives the most sun exposure. Will your master bedroom be lit up early in the morning? Will the curtains, furniture and carpeting fade quicker due excessive sun exposure? These are big factors to think about when selecting your lot.

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