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Needs vs. Wants

Getting into a new home that features all of those snazzy, delusional features and amenities will likely make you happy for the moment, but it's important to not forget that all of those amazing features come with a higher price tag.

Once you begin the process of shopping for a new home, just separate your list of desired item: want and needs.

In most cases, features that are needed correlate with functionality as opposed the wants which correspond more so to appearance. Additional kitchen cabinet space, an extra half bath, direct access garage near the kitchen, or an additional bedroom may all prove to add more functionality and value to a home than getting a double sized room or larger than normal windows which you later find out receive too much sun exposure.

In a similar fashion, a backyard swimming pool a nice want is get a backyard swimming pool. But if it takes up most or all of the yard, it may negatively affect the resale value and maintenance and cleaning costs do add up to the tune of thousand dollars every year.

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